What exactly are Lubricants and why are they so important? Well to explain it I am going to use a story. _ In your kitchen you have this old drawer, that screeches and moans whenever you try to open it. And then you go to the garage and get a bottle of Q20 spray a […]

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Sexy Alphabet Challenge

We here at Adult Shop SA would like to challenge you! 26 Sex challenges for the daring couple. The brave ones. Try it and let us know what you thought. The Alphabet Sex Challenge is as easy as 1,2,3. Just start at the top or the middle, and tick of each letter of the alphabet […]

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Women’s Month 2017

Happy Women’s Month from Adult Shop SA. We think all women are beautiful. All shapes and sizes. The fact that you are unique, makes you stunning. And all the unique women in South Africa, deserve to have their own unique toy. Something that tickles all your passion zones. We have a range of toys that […]

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Sex Block

Similar to writers block, we all experience sex block every so often. You just don’t know where to put your leg or how to hold your partner. How do you prevent this? How do you prevent getting boring in bed? It all depends on your state of mind. You have to be ready to change […]

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